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The ES500 dual channel power supply is our most innovative ES series power supply to date. With features like omnidirectional display, dual machine ports, Bluetooth capability, a magnetic base and two USB charging ports, the ES500 power supply was designed to adapt to the way you work, anywhere you work.


Download the Quick Start Guide

Download the latest firmware for the ES500 by clicking the button below

Firmware v0.1.32


The ES500 does not have an ON or OFF switch. Plug it in and it's ready to go.

Sleep Mode

There's no need to power down at the end of a session. The ES500 is equipped with a Sleep Mode that will kick in after 20 minutes of inactivity.

The Jumpstart      button will pulse when the ES500 is in Sleep Mode.

Bluetooth will automatically turn on, when the ES500 comes out of Sleep Mode.


The ES500 power supply includes an adjustable 360 degree digital display and voltage readout. The adjustable screen makes it possible to route your cords in any direction, and then set the screen orientation.

The white OLED display provides a bright, crisp readout in any lighting condition, even when the ES500 is covered or bagged. 

What information is displayed on screen

The ES500 displays the following three readouts when running a tattoo machine:
  • The current voltage.
  • The preset number (if one is selected).
  • The channel/port currently active when in Dual Channel Mode.

Adjusting display orientation

Choose your screen orientation:

  1. PRESS and HOLD the        button for three seconds.
  2. PRESS          to go into the Rotate Screen menu.
  3. PRESS the ARROW that represents the direction you want the display to read.


The ES500 has a voltage range of 2.5V to 17V and six presets per channel. Voltage can be adjusted in 0.1V and 1.0V increments.

How to adjust voltage

  • PRESS          or          to adjust in 0.1 volt increments.
  • PRESS and HOLD         or          to adjust in full 1.0 volt increments.


How to switch to Dual Power Mode

  • PRESS and HOLD            for three seconds.
  • PRESS          to go into the Dual Channel Menu.
  • When in the Dual Channel menu PRESS          to select Single Power or          for Dual Power Mode.
  • PRESS          to EXIT.
NOTE: The voltage output for C1 and C2 ports ranges from 2.5V to 17V.


The ES500’s ports are marked C1 (Machine port) and C2 (Footswitch/Machine port).

How to switch between ports while in Dual Power Mode

To switch between ports while in Dual Power Mode, PRESS the         button. The active port will light up and the screen will display the port number currently in use. The ES500 will remember the selected voltage in each of the two ports.

The ES500 has six Presets for each machine port, for a total of 12 Presets.

NOTE: When in single machine mode, the machine ports do not light up and the port number will not be displayed on the screen.


Six Presets With Each Channel

Save up to six custom voltages per machine channel with the press of a button. Default settings out of the box are: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 volts. Each preset is clearly shown on the OLED display, and appears above the voltage readout.

How to select a Preset

  • PRESS the        or         to scroll through the saved Presets.
The ES500 will adjust the voltage to the saved voltage setting you stop on.

How to save a Preset

  1. Use the          and          to select the desired voltage. 
  2. PRESS and HOLD        for three seconds or until the screen reads Select Preset.
  3. Use the       and       to select which of the six presets you would like to set.
  4. PRESS the           to SAVE the desired preset.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 to set other voltages and locations as needed. 
NOTE: PRESS the       to EXIT the preset menu. 


The ES500 offers artists three versatile footswitch options, and operation modes to fit any work style. The footswitch options are all compatible with each other, which means you can turn the machine ON/OFF using all three options.
  • Traditional footswitch (not included).
  • Onboard footswitch button.
  • Eikon Bluetooth (Foot)Switch™ (included).

Traditional Footswitch

You can plug a traditional footswitch into the C2 port, and choose between Maintained and Momentary modes.

How to switch between traditional footswitch modes

  1. PRESS and HOLD           for three seconds. 
  2. PRESS          to go into Footswitch Mode
  3. PRESS          to select Momentary Mode or          for Maintain Mode
  4. PRESS the       arrow to EXIT.
NOTE: Both the onboard Footswitch button and the Bluetooth (Foot)Switch run in Maintain Mode ONLY. 

Onboard Footswitch

For those who no longer use a traditional footswitch, or are looking for a wireless option, the Onboard          footswitch button can be used to turn your machine ON/OFF. This is a true ON/OFF switch with NO option to run the machine in Momentary Mode.

Eikon Bluetooth (Foot)Switch™

The Eikon Bluetooth (Foot)Switch is an additional wireless footswitch option. It's made with a durable silicone construction that is both waterproof and shockproof, and has a magnetic base. This is a true ON/OFF switch with NO option to run the machine in Momentary Mode.

NOTE: The Eikon Bluetooth (Foot)Switch will need to be paired with the ES500 before you use it: See instructions below.

Eikon Bluetooth (Foot)Switch™

How to pair your Bluetooth (Foot)Switch™

  1. PRESS      to activate Bluetooth Mode.
The ES500 screen will display the message NO DEVICE , then display the message READY TO PAIR and the BluetoothLED indicator will flash.
  1. PRESS and HOLD the Eikon Bluetooth (Foot)Switch button for one second.
  2. When the interface's LED flashes, RELEASE the button.
  3. WAIT one second.
  4. PRESS and HOLD the Eikon Bluetooth (Foot)switch button a second time for one second.
  5. When the interface's LED flashes, RELEASE the button.
Your Eikon Bluetooth (Foot)Switch is now paired with the ES500.


Two USB charging ports located just above the machine ports allow you to charge and power your devices right from the ES500 power supply, without impacting machine performance. Both USB ports offer the ability keep your favourite devices close by and charged.

Primary USB

The primary USB (C1) is Apple-certified and will charge all Apple devices.

Secondary USB

The secondary USB (C2) is compatible with all other USB devices.

NOTE: Your device may not charge when the ES500 is in Sleep Mode.


The ES500 Jumpstart Mode adds a 0.5V momentary boost to the current setting, to quickly start machines that need it. Once turned ON, the Jumpstart Mode applies the boost every time you engage the footswitch.

How to turn ON Jumpstart Mode

PRESS the       button. Once active, the       button will stay illuminated and the display will flash JUMPSTART ON.

How to turn OFF Jumpstart Mode

PRESS the       button. The button will no longer be illuminated, and the screen will flash JUMPSTART OFF.

: Wait a sec... You CANNOT run your machine while Jumpstart Mode is in the process of turning ON or OFF.


Sticky Foot and Magnetic Base

The ES500 combines our popular sticky foot with a heavy-duty recessed magnet in order to secure the power supply to any station, ensuring it stays put without damaging the surface.

Cleaning the sticky foot
: If the stickiness seems to be wearing off, you can clean the foot with rubbing alcohol or water and allow it to air dry. The silicone will regain its stickiness.

Mounting Plate

Included with ES500 is a metal mounting plate with a 1/4 “ threaded hole, making it compatible with most camera mounting gear including GoPro mounts. Use your choice of accessories to mount the ES500 to your workstation or workspace.

The mounting plate comes with two screws, washers and wall anchors, so it can be attached to most wood surfaces. 


The ES500 is easy to cover and clean, with no knobs or plugs sticking out to interfere with barrier film application or the bagging process. The powder-coated aluminum enclosure and membrane interface are highly durable, and will withstand the harsh chemicals used in the cleaning process.

Important Cleaning Tips

  • DO NOT spray any of the open ports.
  • Spraying cleaners directly onto the power supply is NOT RECOMMENDED.  
  • Try using a thin strip of barrier film to cover open ports while cleaning. 


International Cord Sets

The ES500 power supply is perfect for travel; it can be used almost anywhere. All you need is the required cord-set for your geographic region.

ES500 power supplies purchased in North America come with a North American power cord. British, Australian and European cords are available for separate purchase at



Factory Reset returns all voltage presets, screen orientation, footswitch modes and dual channel modes back to the factory default.

How to complete a factory reset

  1. PRESS and HOLD        button for three seconds.
  2. PRESS          arrow to go into the Factory Reset menu.
  3. PRESS         arrow to complete a factory reset.
  4. PRESS         arrow to EXIT.